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VEGA Group uses Kemiex to expand its global footprint online

“Kemiex has proven to be a premium service that allows us to increase our global digital footprint while connecting us with reliable buyers from all around the world”

Davi Liou
Vice General Manager

VEGA Group

Company profile
Vega Pharma is a high-tech company from China which is engaged in the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products, food ingredients, animal health products, vitamins and premixes. The group is headquartered in Zhejiang province and has now established 9 production sites and plans to open 1-2 production bases annually, which have many years of experience in the production of food ingredients and animal health products. The company is also a very active trader in the industry with more than 30 years of experience and with current business ranging to more than 80 countries
We discuss with Davi Liou, Vice General Manager of VEGA Pharma, a very important player in the food, feed and vet industries based in China, about his first impressions after joining in 2021.

What were the decision factors to join Kemiex?

Kemiex and VEGA were in discussions since 2019, shortly after Kemiex went live. We have been tracking the progress of the platform over the last years and we are very impressed with their progress. Since they started, Kemiex has managed to onboard some of the most important companies in our industry, which shows that their solution is adding value to the industry of raw materials in life-science. As part of Kemiex’s Insights offering, we also had possibility to exchange some views on vitamin and amino acids markets during a few calls with their market intelligence team lead by Mr. Stefan Schmidinger. During those calls, we realized that combining both perspectives (Vega’s strong presence in China together with Kemiex’s neutral view on the global situation) would give us a great overview on what’s happening with the market globally to improve our overall understanding of market dynamics and improve decision-making.

Did the pandemic have any impact on your decision?

Considering how fast the situation is evolving in global markets, especially since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, we decided to actively expand our presence in online channels and increase our possibilities of capturing high quality business globally.
Additionaly, tighter regulation has afftected some of the main online platforms in China. Kemiex is the only online solution in the raw materials life-science industry that is regulated by a regulatory body and officially allowed to intermediate transactions of APIs and other pharmaceutical products, which gives us extra reason to cooperate in the long term.

What do you think about the potential that Kemiex brings to companies like yours?

Our company can provide great support to any trader, distributor and end user globally that wants to find good quality products at competitive prices. The VEGA group has a diversified portfolio of companies that can manufcature and supply high quality products meeting all regulatory certifications. Therefore, we believe that with Kemiex we will be able to access new reliable companies in a more efficient manner than ever before.
In today’s world with travel restrictions and the absence of international exhibitions, companies need to look for new channels to interact with new business partners. Kemiex bridges this gap and helps us to connect with existing and new reliable customers to do business globally, regardless of the travel restrictons.