Insurance of trade on e-commerce platforms: how ATRADIUS and KEMIEX are setting new and unparalleled standards for security and trust in B2B marketplaces and trading venues.


In the latest edition of this international standard reference for innovations in the insurance industry, thought leaders Dirk Hagener and André Düsing illustrate how traditional solutions combined with new technologies are creating security and trust in a complex B2B environment.

Unlike in B2C marketplaces, companies are facing a set of major challenges to apply new technologies:

  • Risk considerations from quality issues, liabilities and reputational risks
  • Multiple decision and user layers, often including functional staff, management and C-level executives
  • Governance: how to align traditional and online sales channels across markets, segments and organizational units
  • Technical restrictions like firewalls or software
  • Process and ERP connectivity
  • Many more

Buy the book to learn more about the pioneering achievements of ATRADIUS and KEMIEX, aiming to create more security, trust and seamless trade in our invite-only B2B trading network & platform for APIs and food/feed additives.

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