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Hong Kong and China

Why H&T says Kemiex is the best platform they have ever used

“Thanks to Kemiex we have been able to sell more products and to well-known companies globally. It’s the best online platform we have ever used.”

Fancy Wu
General Manager

H&T Corporation Limited

Company profile
H&T Corporation Limited is a company engages in international trade based in Hong Kong and China. The main focus of the company is the Vet and Feed industries, but they are also present in the oil and special chemical industries. The management of the company has multiple decades of experience, and they got together in 2017 to create H&T Corporation, to focus on serving international markets from China. Their supply chain service is based on global import and export business, with a clear purpose: customers’ interests first. They supply efficient, cost-effective, environmental products, as well as provide a full range of technical support and quality services.

The challenge of H&T Corporation

As any young company, regardless of the years of experience of the members of the team, the main challenge is to grow the network of customers while keeping risks as low as possible. Any failed shipping or defective product can ruin years of good relationship with customers and damage your reputation very fast. Additionally, selling to new companies from foreign countries can sometimes result in non-payments that can take months to resolve, or even finish in money lost ultimately. Therefore, the team is not willing to sell to a company at any cost, and they always keep present that successful business relationships are built over time by consistenlty respecting agreements and living up to the agreed terms. Fancy, who is the General Manager of H&T Corporation, was looking for new channels to expand their business outside of China, and Kemiex was the chosen option because it allows him to directly connect with well-known companies without any effort, and without having to worry about potential problems related to dealing with new business partners.
As a young company, we are looking for ways to increase our global reach while limiting the risk as much as possible. We strongly believe in building relationships, and thanks to Kemiex we are able to reach good companies globally, knowing that members are reliable and professional.

Reliable market information as a tool to navigate the markets

Thanks to Kemiex we have expanded our knowledge about the market. Their price trends help us to decide our purchasing strategy and to prepare strategic discussions with counterparties. Following the price trends and the market news, we were able to make an exceptional purchase of 3’000 MT of material, which we were able to sell in less than one week!

Fancy’s summary about Kemiex

Kemiex is the best tool we have ever used to do business. Thanks to Kemiex we have been able to sell more and connect with very professional companies worldwide.