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This is how Tecnozoo improved strategic decision-making by investing in digitalisation with Kemiex

“By using Kemiex we have access to fast and reliable information, which helps us a lot to take the right purchasing decisions”

Simona Cardos
Senior Buyer Specialist

Tecnozoo S.P.A.

Company profile
Tecnozoo S.P.A is an Italian company that has been present on the national and international livestock scene for more than 39 years. Their team of experts comprised of nutritionists, veterinarians, agronomists and pharmacists work intensely every day to formulate products that optimize the yield of the diet and stimulate performance, which increases the animals’ well-being and the profit of breeding.
Our team had the pleasure to have a chat with Simona Cardos, Senior Buyer Specialist at Tecnozoo, about their experience within Kemiex. Italian-based Tecnozoo successfully produces complementary feeds, premixes and special feeds since 1984, with the purpose of improving the well-being and productive performance of farm animals globally.

Why did Tecnozoo decide to join Kemiex?

We are a leading Italian company focused on the feed industry. In order to continue being at the forefront, we are always exploring new ideas and ways to grow, so we decided to adapt to new technologies. The reason why my team and I decided to join the Kemiex platform was because we recognized it as a highly useful and fast tool for receiving valuable market information. We were impressed by the platform’s neutral market information, with which we are able to make informed decisions that ultimately benefit our business and clients. Furthermore, we were drawn to the platform’s ability to make opportunistic purchases, whenever required.

How has Kemiex helped Tecnozoo so far?

1) Benchmarking and information collection: Once new information is available, raw material prices move quickly, which can suddenly lead to higher purchase prices. That is why having access to fast and reliable information is a game changer for us. We appreciate the neutral market information provided by the analysts of Kemiex, which helps us navigate through the ups and downs of market prices more effectively. 2) Exclusive Reports describing long-term industry trends: Aside form the information available online, we also receive regular research reports about the feed industry, describing long-term trends, for example about the livestock situation in Europe or FOB prices from China. The findings of these reports are frequently being discussed with my colleagues from the technical and commercial department to make our own forecasts more robust. 3) Faster approval of suppliers: Another aspect that we find helpful is the rating and verification system that Kemiex provides. When receiving quotes from new suppliers, Kemiex provides a first quality check and shows which licenses and certifications (GMP+, Fami-QS, etc.) the supplier has in place. This helps me to evaluate these new suppliers quicker and also saves time for my quality department to move ahead, since it’s very easy to exchange the documentation via the tool.

Would you recommend Kemiex?

We’ve found Kemiex to be a valuable tool that helps us to better react to short-term market action and get and clearer understanding of long-term trends. As an experienced buyer myself, I can recommend Kemiex to companies that are also trying to simplify and improve these parts of their daily work.